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fic: Moaning and Groaning

moaning and groaning
classic cliche: the doctor is ill and donna is taking care of him.
ten/donna friendship, shippiness implied

(a/n: JD don't hate me.)

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Fic: Rediscovering Reality

rediscovering reality
amy doesn't so much retreat as run full-pelt in the opposite direction. then again, she doesn't really retreat at all.

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fic: I Hate You

i hate you
lindsey perry hates his mother

a/n: Special thanks to jdphoenix for prompting this and getting me out of my slump.

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Do We Need Milk?

do we need milk?
the doctor and donna go grocery shopping
ten/donna friendship, shippiness implied

Note: This fic is dedicated to bas_math_girl, because reading her Doctor/Donna fanfiction gave me the courage to write and post my own. So thank you so, so very much.

Also, thanks times eight million to jdphoenix for being the best beta ever, even though she's not a Doctor/Donna stanner like me.

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Stop. Reverse. Advance.

stop. reverse. advance.
rose has some time to think, and the doctor has sticky flaps.

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No Strings Attached - An Homage

no strings attached – an homage
four times jeff and britta had sex, one time they fucked, and one time they didn’t

For trucherrygirl's prompt during Britta week:
Jeff/Britta, 5 Times They Slept Together Before "Paradigms of Human Memory" and the 1 Time They Didn't

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:O meme!

People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question. I was tagged by jdphoenix, though I admittedly whined at her until she did.

1.) Tag eight flisters
Tell you what: since I've got about as many friends on LJ as I do locally, I'll tag one person: delta_mai, if you haven't already done this, I tag you!

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think of the children
for an afternoon in the Salvatore house, it had been surprisingly quiet.

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a/n: So my bestest buddy in the whole entire universe, jdphoenix, was having a really rough day. I decided that a short Damon/Caroline would be just the thing to cheer her up. I hope it did the same for you, too!


tvd fic: do you sleep? (caroline/damon)

do you sleep?
sometimes you have dreams.

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